Our Vision

To provide absolute support system solutions to our clients all across the world, fostering a business environment free from any sort of dependence on traditional suppliers.

Our Mission

To foster the business environment which we grow in by providing a portfolio of absolute pipe support solutions to all those who seek them, through our reliable staff and efficient processes.


What we stand for

NTEICO can be traced back to humble beginnings when in 1989 the company started operating on a modest scale. NTEICO quickly established itself as a reliable provider of quality services in the fields of MEP service and operation, and maintenance contracts. The company continued to deliver excellence in the form of high-quality projects for various clients. NTEICO slowly but surely built-up relevant and lasting experience through the timely completion of diversified projects such as college campuses, office buildings, medical centres, residential housings, pipelines and palaces.

NTEICO has never rested on its laurels. Staying true to its culture of growth and innovation, the company diversified its portfolio in 2005 when it started the production of Fire Hose Cabinets (FHC) by Red Box-NTEICO in Saudi Arabia. Through continuous study and development of the FHC, NTEICO was soon able to establish its very own FHC manufacturing plant in the country. By 2012, the company had started work on its manufacturing plant across the border, in the United Arab Emirates. This plant now specializes in the production of HVAC products, through the integration of state-of-the-art machinery and innovative processes. 

With the help of the best Plasma Cutting, Duct and Roll Forming machines the market has to offer, NTEICO has established clientele all across the Middle East and the Gulf Region. To continually satisfy this clientele, NTEICO has 40 full-time top calibre engineers and technical personnel on its payroll. 

To ensure quality, all production processes and management policies go through a periodic review, and any adjustments are then made to ensure NTEICO continues to meet both local and international standards. NTEICO Duct Products are well accepted all across the Middle East and Africa. A strong network of offices and distributors in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman ensures that all products are available in stock.

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