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Saudi Railway Passenger Stations

NTEICO was responsible for developing infrastructure in passenger stations across Riyadh, Al Majma’ah, Qurayyat, Hail, Al-Qassim, and Al Jowf. Work was done on 6 stations, which were present alongside a total track length of 1300km.

King Khalid International Airport

King Khalid International Airport

NTEICO worked on developing the infrastructure for several terminals at the Riyadh airport. 

King Saud University

NTEICO was responsible for developing infrastructure for the residential tower, residential villas, parking, Building 42, medical research and cardiac centre, and 2 preparatory colleges.

King Khalid University

NTEICO worked on developing tunnel infrastructure for KKU. Work was done across the total tunnel length of 10km, to provide the whole campus with utilities.

kap 4 project


NTEICO worked for the MOI (Ministry of Interior). This has led to us collaborating with various directorates such as the directorate of prison, police, as well as civil defense. NTEICO has worked on the King Abdullah Security Compound Project, responsible for providing infrastructure.

King Fahad Medical City

NTEICO provided 6 residential towers with the necessary infrastructure. Towers were equipped with state-of-the-art support systems to ensure longevity. 

jd cargo

Jeddah Cargo

NTEICO worked on cargo terminal development for the Saudi Airlines Cargo Company. Work was done to design and construct the new cargo terminal. 

Justice Palace Renovation Project

Justice Palace Renovation

NTEICO worked on renovating the Justice Palace. which is present in Riyadh. Work was done to improve and to further develop the infrastructure.