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NTEICO worked on the project for King Khalid University, which involved supporting the university’s strategic development in alignment with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 program. Their contributions likely included advising on academic and administrative improvements, helping optimize resource utilization, and enhancing the teaching, learning, and research environments to position King Khalid University among the top 200 universities worldwide by 2030. This support aimed to help the university achieve its mission of fostering an excellent academic environment and expanding its educational and social contributions.

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A key objective of our collaboration with King Khalid University is the development of a single campus, a $3.4 billion project expected to generate 20,000 jobs upon completion. This ambitious endeavour is accompanied by parallel goals of internationalizing the student body and localizing the heavily international faculty, with around 70 per cent of PhD-holding faculty coming from outside the Kingdom. Since 2014, scholarships for international students fluent in Arabic have been introduced, targeting students from other Muslim nations such as Pakistan and Indonesia. In 2019, twenty-eight Indonesian students arrived to study religion, with an additional 200 expected soon. To further enhance its educational offerings, the university is expanding its language teaching programs to include Chinese