NTEICO offers a wide variety of technical solutions for both common and uncommon industrial applications. Our state-of-the-art machinery allows for customized production according to the client’s specifications, with our efficient processes minimizing waste and maximizing output per batch. Our stringent focus on automation has allowed for us to achieve consistently excellent quality standards for all our products and services. Our custom-built assembly of machinery has proven itself time and time again, under the toughest circumstances. With continuous investment that goes into upgrading our machinery and processes, we are able to simultaneously manage several projects in a highly competitive environment while still maintaining our high standards. Rest assured, when you choose NTEICO, you choose quality and consistency. Browse through our series of solutions, all adapted to different industries in their own befitting way. 

Metal Fabrication


Our computer numerical cutting laser process is an efficient subtractive method which ensures cutting precision down to the smallest margin. Our versatile CNC machinery is able to accurately cut through a series of materials ranging from metals, all the way to foam if the application demands it. With relevant experience, each customized product order is skillfully reproduced using CAD software, which is then converted into instructions as numbers for the CNC machinery to follow across three different axes. NTEICO is able to bring your designs to life, through a process which is highly optimized for repeatable results in high volume production.

NTEICO has ample experience when it comes to bending and forming materials to exact specifications through the combination of CAD/CAM capabilities with our CNC Laser and CNC hydraulic press brakes. NTEICO specialized CNC machinery is highly capable of shearing and bending to exact angles and lengths, with a strict focus on double checking all CNC parameters during and after every batch. Our facility is able to work on high volume orders, ensuring repeated consistency across all product orders.

Robotic Welding offers more flexibility and efficiency to engineers and manufacturers, through a comprehensive range of performable functions. Our experienced staff is well versed in the art of operating our latest machinery, which allows NTEICO to offer top quality, high-precision robotic welding for metal fabrication.

Pressing and Lathing


NTEICO has a broad variety of lathing and pressing machinery at its disposal. Our milling machine makes it possible to cut through a material to remove excess, with the cutter rotating to operate across different axes at different speeds. Our pressing and shaping machines have afforded us the capability of using prebuilt dies to shape our clamps and channels in one smooth automated step. NTEICO is able to ensure consistency across all pieces, with the same die being used for each specific order. NTEICO is able to provide smooth finishing on products with the help of its surface grinding machinery, which utilizes an abrasive surface to rough out all edges. Our automated process is able to ensure consistent smoothing across all pieces of a certain product. Wire cutting is an extremely precise process, which requires a CAD design of the wire to be input into the computer to allow it to generate the best cut-path around. The wire acts as an electrode in this process, which is cut thereby providing an excellent surface finish on the wire. 



NTEICO products are electroplated within a zinc solution to withstand tough corrosive conditions. With our in-house electro-galvanizing plant, we ensure you receive the most durable and reliable version of every product.  Electro-galvanizing is being offered across our entire collection of clamps, channels, and accessories, which allows us to ensure maximum longevity of our products for your safety and convenience.